Dull days do happen

Keep Calm and Use the Konami Code

This was certainly one of those days that had a beginning, middle and end, but not much to stir the blood. I carried on writing articles this morning, then had the afternoon and evening at the library – mostly processing new stock. There was some confusion over staffing and relief, and a few moments of needing to bite my tongue with a number of people, but nothing spectacular.

When I got home I ate, watched Serenity on DVD, and played a bit of Assassins Creed before bed. Tomorrow I’ve got to get the car fixed and MOT’d, and then try to finish these articles, which are mostly for a dating site. Its definitely turned into a bit of a patchwork week.

I can be grateful that my health is stable, and moods are relatively serene, despite our phone company’s attempt to drive us into penury yesterday. At the very least, my day was less fraught than that of one of my customers yesterday. She nearly broke down in a complex mix of relief and stress after I was able to help her with books and advice for dealing with the DWP while recovering from illness and job hunting. It underlined to me how important libraries and listening to people are.

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