Out of context quotes


It's an Owlbear. Well, of course...

Game sessions are always great for making memorable scenes in the mind’s eye, whether by epic actions or fails, or by the dialogue and quips that we all manage to produce. Almost inevitably, the attempt to reproduce these for people in conversation is going to fall flat because it takes so long to define the context in which it happened. I have friends for whom the quote “Well, I guess I’ll just burn then,” still brings chortles of laughter, while others look confused and possibly horrified.

One of the things I enjoy with the current games is how it creates new opportunities for weird quotes that sound at best odd and at worst positively obscene. A recent game season included the memorable quote:

“All I can see is those two double-teaming a snake. I guess I’ll start banging my bongos.”

To those of us there on the night it evokes a night of combat on the deck of a boat in the middle of a jungle. Pretty much everyone else sniggers at the innuendo. Oh, alright, we do too. We really are childish like that.


I’ll try collecting some of the more notable ones as we go along, if only to see if anyone cares to take a stab at what might prompt certain outbursts, such as: “Oh crap, I really have got to practice my climbing. This is embarrassing!” The dice shaming picture should be a fairly good clue about what prompted that one.

This evening’s game certainly had its moments, and my new practice of getting players to describe how they finish opponents has been embraced. I’d actually forgotten about it until other players called on someone to do it. The grin on his face almost suggested that he had forgotten that someone else’s failed attack on that opponent had ended up with his character spattered in burning oil. Then he asked if anyone else had fireworks they wanted to chuck…

The snark is strong in this group…

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