Brighter Wednesday

Keep Calm and Use the Konami Code

Through a combination of insightful counselling and a tiny bit of retail therapy, my mood this evening is somewhat lighter than it has been. There’s a fair bit rattling around in this oddly-shaped cranium of mine, and sometimes I need to be reminded of my pattern of setting myself up to fail. I’ve been having a good hard look at myself in an enforced reality check, which is always a roller coaster.

So, cutting a long and self-indulgent ramble short, I’m in a brighter place right now.

The retail therapy came in the form of a new external hard drive to add to the XBox One. I picked up a Seagate Extension drive, which is a terabyte in size, and uses the new USB 3.0 connection, which the XBox natively supports. The advantage to this is that moving games from internal memory to the external drive not only frees up the machine, but seems to access data faster.

The installation was as simple as plugging it into the back of the console. A quick dialogue box appeared on-screen, prompting me to format and name the new drive and after maybe a second or two it was ready to go. There’s no power lead, it just runs off the cable, and as it will also run on a USB 2.0 connection I’ll probably buy another one for the desktop PC next month to handle backups. Pretty good for only £55 in Tesco.