Streaming and suchlike

I’ve just enjoyed a quiet evening with Lady M on the sofa watching the Artyfakes live stream on Twitch.TV followed by a bit of drama on the telly. It reminded me of the occasional request I’ve had to stream the Eberron games, and just why we don’t do it. One of the things I noticed this evening was how relatively difficult it is to present and concentrate on work at the same time.

The Roll20 Logo

Its a concern shared within the gaming group – that we’d rather just let our hair down and enjoy ourselves without wondering who was peering over our shoulders. For me in particular there’s quite a lot of fiddliness to the Roll20 interface, and we’re not making heavy use of scripts, lighting or special effects. It’s generally as close to a tabletop experience as you like. The thought of trying to interact with people outside the game at the same time is just too much.

That’s without even touching on tech trouble shooting and chat room moderating. Artyfakes have a number of mods (Lady P among them) to keep tight control, and I can’t think of anything more disruptive than trying to moderate and play.

There’s also a general antipathy among the group for publicly recording the range of dry, geeky, obscene and off the wall comments that we come up with, especially those of us with responsible jobs who might have awkward questions to answer if work got involved. Likely? No, but possible, so we’ll not even raise the spectre of having to double guess ourselves.

On the plus side, this week’s game write up is live under Wartorn Chapter 3. Hope you enjoy it.