Holiday plans

We’ll have to make one hell of an effort to beat last year when it comes to holidays. Two weeks in Disney, with side trips to all things Harry spotter, Universal and NASA casts a long shadow that I’m almost afraid to try and challenge.

This afternoon, while the roast dinner cooks, we’re running points comparisons on different Disney locations under the Vacation Club and trying to coordinate around a busy few months for the Charleesi. She does the bulk of her exams this year, leaving a frighteningly small window between the end of exams, prom night, exam results, enrolment at her new college and the start of the new term.

We think we’ve identified a clear week at the beginning of August, and Disneyland Paris seems to be waving at us – or the new hobbit-like hotel at Alton Towers, which do look truly epic. I think Disney is still going to win though.

About Tim Maidment

Writer, House Husband, Library Person, Raconteur, Poly, Queer and Bon Vivant. You were expecting something simple?
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