Creaky Weekend

I’m not entirely sure why, but the base of my spine has been aching all weekend. I first noticed it on Saturday while watching Charleesi fall off her horse. It could be sympathy twinges, or perhaps standing in the snow for an hour while she had her riding lesson has aggravated something, who knows?

Fortunately a combination of a high pain threshold, painkillers, hot water bottles and massage from Lady M has eased things considerably – just in time for another week at the library. As it’s the beginning of a new month too, there will be lots of stock checking and rotation, so here’s hoping I wake up fresh as the proverbial daisy in the morning.

At least the pain in my back hasn’t been as bad as that experienced by a character killed by Gazelle in an early sequence in Kingsman, which Charleesi dragged us out to see last night. If you’ve not seen it yet and you like Moore-era Bond films with their tongue stuck firmly in their cheek, you could do far worse than treating yourself to a viewing. The violence is plentiful, comicbook, and slapstick and everyone seems to have had fun making it. I may never hear Land of Hope and Glory in quite the same way again…