Games roundup


I’m still playing Sunless Sea and Fallen London a lot, with the campaign world inspiring all sorts of ideas for my D&D campaign. I might even do a little homebrew campaign based off it at some point.

I’m also still alternating between Rogue and Unity from the Assassins Creed stable of games, enjoying the story unfolding in each like an intricate series of flashbacks and flash forwards.

My go-to game for killing a few minutes is still Peggle2, while I really do need to get back into Destiny. Halo is also demanding more play, but the sandbox games are just exerting a greater pull at the moment.

The weekly D&D game continues to be a highlight of my week. This week, the bard learned the hard way not to stand in the breach when an angry dire ape wants to clamber through. I’ll do the proper writeup over the next few days.

Overall, the bleakness seems to be retreating, so the distractions must be working ๐Ÿ™‚