So, a moderately productive day, with ups and downs to it. The Monday game session went up earlier in the usual place, describing a session of mayhem, traps and mortal danger, so have a look from the menu above if you get a chance.

Lady M spent most of today in a semi-comatose state, with what seems to have been a 24 hour bug mixed with the tail end of a sub-migraine headache and exhaustion. She seems much better this evening so I imagine she’ll be back to conquering the world in the morning, so you’ve all been warned.

What else? Briefly caught up with Lady P while I picked up a parcel from the Post Office, which always puts a smile on my face; and caught up with the new episodes of Arrow and Flash, which was a nice distraction.

Tomorrow promises more mayhem, and a chance to assess the first week of the Blind Book Bingo. I may have to wrap up more books as a matter of urgency.

Moodwise: up and down a bit, but mostly up, despite some disappointing news late in the evening. Hopefully the upward trend will continue.