General Geekery

I had an interesting evening yesterday down the pub with Lady M, the ex-Lady M, Charleesi and an old friend we’ll call Lady G and her partner – as you do – and we got on to the topic of games. Lady G used to be part of a tabletop gaming group I used to run many many moons ago, but has little interest in roleplay games these days.

What we did discover though was a shared love of Cards Against Humanity; and that she is also a backer for Exploding Kittens, so plans have now started to get our calendars aligned so we can break out the depravity, or at least the laser pointers, and have some old geeky fun.

This really is starting to almost sound like we have a social life. How very ordinary. I’ll do a review of Exploding Kittens when we get a game or two in, looks fun and best played with a glass or two in hand.

More Dungeoneering Incoming

I still haven’t got round to writing up Monday’s game sessions, but the day’s not been without developments on the gaming front. I’ve been having casual conversations with a number of people about running a tabletop D&D game too, and putting some thought into the logistics. Today I followed up on a suggestion originally made by Charleesi, and asked the local coffee house manager if he had any objections to our setting up at one of his tables from time to time, and he has no problem with that at all.

So now I’m just in the process of confirming players, at which point I’ll start setting up shared files for online reference and sending out calendar invitations to start creating characters. I’ll start things off with 3.5 as I’m now feeling confident enough from the Wartorn campaign, and because I’ve not got any 5th edition books and don’t fancy learning all the changes on the fly.

So, we’ll see how that goes.