Another week whizzes past

hobbit barbarian riding a dinosaur
More reasons to hate Bagginses

Where’s this week gone? Having had Monday off to spend time with the Charleesi, my perception of the week has gone into overdrive. Combined with a busy week, I’ve just turned round and realised that it’s Saturday tomorrow. All in all, I’ve been quite pleased to have a relatively slow day then.

I’ve mostly spent it writing, with side excursions to shop for a niece’s birthday present and play Dragon Age 2 – which I only discovered I’d downloaded for free as a Games with Gold a while ago this week. As is the case with many games, I haven’t actually got round to finishing Dragon Age Origins, but now I’ve started 2, I’ll have to do that too, in between the Assassins Creed games. Oh boy…

I’ve had a number of conversations recently about setting up a tabletop D&D game, and today’s seen a bit of a leap forward in making that happen. The manager at our local coffee shop has agreed to let us make the place untidy, so I’ve decided to bite the bullet and get the various miscreants around the table. Guess I’d better arrange some material for that then…

I’ve set up a new shared message channel on Facebook to start organising people and begun fielding questions. Pretty much everyone is new to 3.5, so that should actually help as we begin rolling up characters on Sunday. If nothing else, it should give rise to all sorts of new anecdotes and dialogue – some of which will no doubt end up in stories.

Oh – in addition, I’ve finally got round to writing up Monday’s game – so that’s in the usual place above, and features traps and wandering monsters for the most part…

Traumas, adaptivity and aggravation

It’s been a bugger of a day, with two significant people in my life receiving bad news and there not being anything I can do to make things better, or do much to comfort them beyond offering hugs, time and keeping most of the trite platitudes at bay. Some might say that’s pretty much the best thing under the circumstances, and at least I didn’t go straight to the jokes and cynical sarcasm.

I also got into a debate with someone about the impact of traumatic  environments on children as compared to the impact of specific traumatic events. When I get into Facebook debates, I go for the deep ones.

Pausing then for a quick mental check, I’m okay – merely frustrated in my ability to do the impossible. I obviously need to up my awesome rating somehow. For now, let’s just Look On The Bright Side of Life