Hypoglycaemic episode

Yesterday was going quite well, until a little before closing time when my body decided to throw me a curve ball and give me a hypoglycaemic episode. I suddenly grew very tired and dizzy, broke out in a clammy sweat and found it quite hard to form coherent sentences. Fortunately I had other staff members nearby and I was able to communicate intelligibly enough that there was a problem.

With the rapid application of water and then sugary drinks I was soon recovering, though banned from doing the usual end of day routines like shifting crates. The cold air outside helped clear my head for the walk home and I had a quiet lie down until Lady M got home.

Hypoglycaemia is a sign that blood sugar levels have dropped below safe levels, and I rarely get them, so I’ll be looking closely at things to see if I did anything unusual yesterday to prevent a recurrence. The symptoms and signs of hypoglycaemia can include:

feeling hungry
tiredness (fatigue)
blurred vision
trembling or shakiness
going pale
fast pulse or palpitations
tingling lips
difficulty concentrating
disorderly or irrational behaviour, which may be mistaken for drunkenness

It’s an unnerving thing to happen because you know something’s wrong but unless you recognise it, the urge to just be withdrawn and grumpy overrides decisions to do anything about it. Getting sugar, preferably in solution, is a good quick fix if caught in time, so cans or bottles of coke or lemonade are essential survival tools.

Does that sound dramatic? Well, if unattended, it can deepen to coma and death, so if you experience me with combinations of the symptoms above do check with me. If you get a really snappy or grumpy response, insist I have some water at least. I’ll thank you later