Indulgent Birthday


I have to say its been a lovely couple of days. I’ve had lovely comments and wishes from far and wide, and some truly awesome gifts. Being a massive geek – a confession that I’m sure will come as an awful shock to many of you – I was very pleased to receive a Funko Dancing Groot from Lady M. He now sits on top of the XBox 360, wishing us well in our console-hopping games extravaganzas. A veritable stack of new games is now waiting to be explored, with Lego Batman 3 currently the subject of my attentions.

From the Charleesi came the unusual journal in the picture. The idea is that you choose one word to describe your day. Lady M has challenged me to only use positive words, no matter what the day brings. I think I shall mirror the contents of that journal here too. I’ll either embed it in a longer piece like this, or make a standalone entry, depending on time and mood.

I also got a Jawbone UP24, which I’m getting to grips with, and so far I’m very impressed, now that I’ve finally got it paired with my phone and tablet.

We ate at The French Table in Surbiton last night. My meal was excellent: a terrine of rabbit and ham hock for starter, followed by venison and then a chocolate fondant dessert. Lady M encountered problems with her food, including shell in her crab cannelonni and alcohol still in the Madeira sauce with her beef. Her gingerbread bread and butter pudding with pear was amazing.

Unfortunately, the Madeira alcohol caused an allergic reaction (port and similar fortified wines do not react well with her stomach), so she has been rather unwell for much of today. On the plus side, we have finally replaced her green screened phone with a Samsung S5, so she is currently updating and configuring that.

We have the Charleesi with us this weekend, so it’s going to be fun. The words for the last two days have been ‘Indulgent’ and ‘Contented’. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s is.

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