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Pirates of the Thunder Sea

The new phase of our Monday group started today, steering their newly acquired ship back home and basically stumbling into as many pirate cliches as I could whip up. We’re playing this game a lot more seat of the pants, … Continue reading

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Good Tabletop Session

Despite the wind and rain, not to mention the loss of an hour’s sleep, we managed to get most of the Sunday group round the table today. The adventure was rather spectacular, with a number of huge laugh out loud … Continue reading

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Clocks go forward in the UK tonight

Though given my usual casual relationship with time, it may already have happened, in which case this should make for an entertaining timestamp on the post. After a busy day showing Charleesi options for her next laptop, I’m feeling more … Continue reading

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30 Days, 30 Words

I mentioned last month that one of the presents I received for my birthday was a ‘day a word’ journal. My daughter, the Charleesi, challenged me to only write positive words in it to sum up each day. So far, … Continue reading

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Car Demonstrations

Lady M started her new job about 12 weeks ago, and they are all very happy with her. She’s passed her probation early, and is busy reorganising the business around her in line with industry best practice and lashings of … Continue reading

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Game Write Ups

I’ve finally got round to updating the last two weeks of the Monday game – I’ve updated the Chapter Three page to reflect them and will likely be creating a new Chapter page to reflect the new and intriguing directions … Continue reading

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Headcold Manflu

No, not the name of a villain soon to be gracing our screens, or even one of the tabletop sessions, but a slightly tongue in cheek reference to how grim I’m feeling. I went to work to sneeze and sniffle … Continue reading

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