Today’s Word: Thoughtful

A bit of a mixed bag day today, with a shortened game session due to Real Life getting in the way for several people. On the plus side we welcomed Danger from my Monday Miscreants to the Sunday Hooligans and had another volunteer to play. We may well have lost another along the way before we’ve properly started, but we’ll see how things roll out across the week.

We booked our Summer Holiday, and I’ve quietly arranged some dog-sitting for Lady P with the Charleesi so she can go on a course. Other than that it’s been quiet, so we’ve caught up on some shows, played some games and pottered around a bit. ‘Thoughtful’ seems to fit the day as a word as it draws to a close. Here’s hoping it looks up as the new week starts.

One thing I am enjoying is the Jawbone UP24. There’s a certain fascination with looking at my walking and sleep patterns when I sync it with my tablet, and there’s some motivational elements going on that don’t feel preachy. I know Lady M wasn’t sure about getting it for me, but I’m glad she did. I’ve configured it to nudge me to keep moving as well as act as a smart alarm, so my geek need to tinker under the hood is being serviced too. Yay!

Summer Holiday Planning

We’ve just got ourselves sorted for our summer holiday – and surprise, surprise it’s a Disney location. This year we’re taking the Charleesi and her cousin to Disneyland Paris, somewhere I’ve not been in nearly ten years and that as far as I know neither Lady M or Charleesi’s cousin have ever been.

It’s the first time we’ve booked anything since we joined the Disney Vacation Club, so we needed a bit of a helping hand from the person down the phone, but with only a few hiccups due to transatlantic differences in idiom we’ve got the resort and tickets for the park all sorted. Tickets for the Eurostar journey to and from St Pancreas International have been sorted too, so we appear to have the basic components of a holiday all sorted.

This is both very cool and slightly terrifying – but the idea is to give both Charleesi and A a treat for finishing their exams and celebrate their sixteenth birthdays so it looks like this will be another summer of awesome. Excellent!