Tabletop Shenanigans

Just in case you were still expecting dungeon crawls all the time...

Getting the Sunday group up and running is proving an exercise in herding cats at the moment, but it does feel like we’re heading the right way. We ended up with just two players at the table, so finished up their character sheets and created a character for another player who won’t be able to start for a month or so. I’ll run that character as an extra until she’s able to join, and it makes the numbers up enough to make a decent stab at starting properly next week.

Of the other players, one was at work, another at choral rehearsals, another missing (presumed having a good time), another was sick and another at a family barbecue. If I hadn’t booked the table at the coffee house, I’d have cancelled, but it was nice to have the Charleesi come over even with it not being her usual weekend. Shades of weekends to come in both directions I think.

It has left me a little disheartened, so I’ve spent most of the rest of the afternoon playing Dragon Age 2 while Lady M revised for her upcoming exam; and then we caught up some more on Penny Dreadful on the Sky box sets.

Tomorrow I have the joy of another round of teaching pensioners how to use computers. There’s nothing inherently wrong or worrying about the process of the actual teaching, it’s just the stress of setting it up and keeping the rest of the public away from the machines so we can actually do it. There’s only so many times I can explain patiently that I’m teaching a class so no, they can’t just nip on for 5 minutes to check their emails or Facebook. After that, the temptation to employ sarcasm and direct invective becomes a lot harder to resist.