Friday Night Red Noses

rednoseWell, it’s been a weird old week, and so it’s nice to relax on what has turned out to be quite a grey saturday. After Thursday’s sad news, Friday at the library turned out to be a combination of hard work, bewildering requests and good company.

Lady P put up a window display commemorating Terry Pratchett, which brought comment and stares from passers-by, customers and viewers of the twitter feed alike. It was a simple thing, a quote from one of his books and colour copies of some of his book covers, but it covered most of one of our windows and stood out starkly against the frame. It was only later that we remembered that the library is right next to an undertakers. I’m not entirely sure whether that context now makes the display a comfort, a remembrance or a rather dry amusement.

displayThe day itself seemed to be doing its best to live up to expectations of a Friday 13th and the preparation for Red Nose Day. If someone could come up with a way to complicate a question or find the most awkward way to go about things, they did it. Still, I’ve always enjoyed working in chaotic environments and situations with people who love what they’re doing.

It certainly served to energize us for the evening, where we met up with Lady M, Charleesi, the ex-Lady M, K and┬áJ for an evening of drink, competitions, photography and people sticking their feet in ice cold water all in support of Red Nose Day. Between selling cupcakes, Lady P’s Rapunzel cosplay, music requests, raffles, tombolas and charity mugging, the evening raised some five hundred pounds, but most importantly was fun. Like all good evenings with good company, it was filled with conversation, silliness, food, name calling, jokes and quiet moments amid the hilarity.

A good end to the working week, and hopefully a sign of more good times to come.