Clocks go forward in the UK tonight


Though given my usual casual relationship with time, it may already have happened, in which case this should make for an entertaining timestamp on the post. After a busy day showing Charleesi options for her next laptop, I’m feeling more tired than usual so I’ll probably be even more zombie like in the morning, so that’s something for tomorrow’s tabletop gamers to anticipate.

I’m inclined to put the blame for the tiredness on the tail end of the head cold, which does seem to be moving on at a good pace. If the Jawbone’s assessment of my sleep patterns is anything to go by though, I’ve also been having some very restless nights this week, so it seems to be a bit of a coin-toss unless one is causing the other.

In the meantime, I seem to have passed the cold back to Lady M, even though I think she’s still technically got the first one from six weeks ago (the joys of asthma). An awful lot of pillows seem to feature in our bed at present. I do worry they’ll fall and crush me while I sleep – maybe that’s the cause of the restlessness!

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