Good Tabletop Session

Despite the wind and rain, not to mention the loss of an hour’s sleep, we managed to get most of the Sunday group round the table today. The adventure was rather spectacular, with a number of huge laugh out loud moments that confused many of the customers around us, and it was good to be in such good company.

Just in case you were still expecting dungeon crawls all the time...

I’ve gone distinctly old-school on them, throwing material loosely adapted from the original Temple of Elemental Evil at them, pretty much without any warning or preamble. The original adventure, as written, is a classic dungeon crawl that punishes groups that overextend themselves without mercy. It reads as a pretty static collection of rooms, so while adapting it from first edition to an Eberron-set 3.5 edition adventure I’ve tried to bring a more fluid and dynamic feel to it.

We’ll see how that works as we go along.

Afterwards, some of us went to a local pub and played Cards Against Humanity. I like to think our laughter and robust readings of cards and answers served to make people give us a wide-ish berth, but I think it may just have been their being more focused on the football playing on various screens.

We rounded off the evening with re-watching How to train your Dragon 2, and agreeing that Toothless seemed to share many mannerisms and expressions with Lady P’s springer spaniel, Chips. All in all, a great Sunday, with the added bonus of extra time with Charleesi here as the Easter Holidays just started for her. I could get used to Sundays like this.

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