Modding for Artyfakes

Lady P has been helping out as a mod for the Artyfakes live Twitch stream for a little while, and until recently there were a few people involved in that to help spread the load. Recently, for various reasons, some of the other mods have stepped down, so a call went out for volunteers. With only a moderate amount of arm twisting, Lady P persuaded me to chuck my hat in the ring.


What’s the worst that could happen, right?

Well, Tabitha Lyons has had the dubious pleasure of knowing my younger brothers from her LARPing days, so the Maidment humour is not unknown to her or her family. Indeed, on last night’s stream, I was referred to as one of the ‘infamous Maidment clan’ when being introduced. A little unfair, I thought; I much prefer to be known by the description of ‘the mythical elder Maidment’ – a title I’ve been greeted with by LARPers at social events in the past.

Still, tonight’s stream was my first as a mod, and it was gentle enough. Only two swings of the banhammer required, and by and large a sedate affair, so there was plenty of time for Skype banter between Ladies M and P and myself in the background which is always a nice bonus. Let’s see how this develops…

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