Gaming and Modding

I’ve finally got round to writing up this week’s Monday game, and that heads up a new chapter in the Wartorn game – what’s a fantasy pirate adventure without a few zombies?

The modding for Artyfakes seems to be going well too – at least, they keep inviting me back so that’s a good sign. One of the things I’ve been doing, partly to keep the chat channel moving and partly to remind people that the show is moderated has been to throw in a series of fake facts with the label #MadeUpModFacts. These have generally made people smile and seem popular as I’ve retweeted them.

Examples include:

  • #MadeUpModFacts The chat channel is kept scrolling by tiny mice who live in the wood pile
  • #MadeUpModFacts Slenderman currently has three restraining orders against Ludd, who keeps trying to put Tabby’s zombie daffy duck mask on him
  • #MadeUpModFacts The floor is tiled with off-cuts from the crew’s first attempt to build the British Space Shuttle
  • #MadeUpModFacts The overhead camera is actually operated by one of Terry Pratchett’s box imps drawing very quickly
  • #MadeUpModFacts Some say Nic’s never been seen in the same room as The Stig…

I’m sure you can see a certain surreal pattern emerging. As a writer it’s a great exercise in throwing out quick snippets and it helps me get on with my own writing by simply getting me to write without worrying about context, continuity or even sense. Those come later when I dive back into the dialogue and descriptive sections.

A gentle evening's carnage
A gentle evening’s carnage

Last night I was online for roughly half of the show, before diving off to help celebrate a friend’s birthday at a local pub.

This turned first into a game of Cards Against Humanity, and then a long rambling night of music, dance, wandering conversations fuelled by many, many drinks. I’ve seen a post by someone else who was at the party today, saying that we should get a survivor’s t-shirt made up.

Tonight’s activities, I suspect, may follow a similar pattern – I’ll be covering the first part of the stream from around 6pm before leaving them in Lady P’s delicate care to take Lady M out to a live music night of cowpunkabilly mayhem with the ex-Lady M and the Charleesi. What’s the worst that could happen?

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