No game updates this week


Easter scored a critical hit on the gaming this weekend, so both games had a hiatus. This was mostly to free people up for family events or winding down from hectic weekends, and hopefully the normal carnage will be resumed shortly.

For the most part, especially for Monday, it’s been a welcome break, allowing me to make up some generic location maps and beat-chart some encounters to accommodate the various directions that the players could take things. Various possibilities exist at the moment, from a free-form pirate’s life, a quest to destroy the artifact in their possession, a return to Sharn and pretending it never happened, or (as one conversation suggested) becoming investigators into weird crimes in the style of Castle.

As far as I know, there was no alcohol involved in that one.

So, with the bank holiday having already knocked my sense of day of the week out of whack, I think I’m glad to have a couple of days to my own devices. Hopefully I won’t feel quite so much like I’m running to catch up with myself.

Modding this week for Artyfakes will be on Thursday and Friday, so I suppose I should also make up some facts for those sessions. They are definitely proving popular. Perhaps I should make some T-shirt designs up…

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1 Response to No game updates this week

  1. rainawareness says:

    What a tragedy


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