New Books And Old

Buying or receiving new books has always been one of my great joys. There’s something about the smell and feel of a book I’ve yet to read that excites me and puts a great big happy smile on my face. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old book, or if it’s fresh from the shelves of a book shop or library. I can ease open this new friend and begin new adventures, or I can go back to an old favourite and either reimagine the scenes or search for things I missed last time.

Today I was lucky to find two books that fell strangely into both categories. The first is the first in the new series by Gail Carrier, whose Parasol Protectorate series we devoured a couple of years ago. This new series, The Custard Protocol, picks up in the same alternate Victorian London with Prudence, daughter of the first series’ protagonists. I’ve just read the first the first chapter and am as enchanted as ever. I suspect I may have to fight Lady M to read it through first.


I just can't odd...

The second is a reprint of a book that I’ve not only heard about, but that has inspired countless other stories, from the work of HP Lovecraft to the recent first series of True Detective. This slender collection of short stories is The King In Yellow, by Robert W Chambers, and is something I’ve been vaguely looking for over the last few years.

The guy at the counter thanked me for buying it, as the cover had been freaking him out every night as he locked up. This bodes well…

So, something new and old in one package, and something that’s a little of both in the other. My gaming stories may be about to get a whole lot weirder…

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