Promotions and Privacy 2

After posting last night, my mind carried on ruminating, especially about how post and blog promotion is carried out – at least in the context of WordPress, which forms the backbone of this particular site. I was actually asked for promotional advice recently, at least with regard to getting word out about new blogs, which bemused me until I remembered that many people still see the creation of blogs as a bit of a dark art.


For what it’s worth, on a simple level, it comes down to having an active presence on social media, allowing search engines to catalogue your site, and most importantly to be providing regular content. The social media comes in handy for setting up automatic cross posts when you hit the button. In the case of this blog, a link has been set up for my Google+, Twitter, and Tumblr profiles, with Twitter then bouncing content to my Facebook account.

In part, the reason for that two-stage promotion was to see if I could, back when I was setting things up, and partly because I wasn’t sure whether I intended to set up an Author’s page on Facebook. I’m still not sure about that, to be honest. My Facebook page is reasonably well locked down so that only friends can see the majority of posts and information. This way, if I ever do start a professional author page, I still have the option to cross post directly to there as a separate automated promotion, rather than having to manually copy any links. There is, occasionally, a method to my odd decisions.

In theory this allows me to preserve the privacy of my Facebook posts (something that always sounds like an oxymoron of the highest calibre), and control the information that I actively divulge. I’m aware that it won’t mean squat to intelligence agency dick pic interception capabilities, but it is the difference between my telling people here on the site a few of the things I like to cook, and publishing my credit card’s ingredients purchase history. (Not that I have a credit card these days; I got into far too much trouble when I was unwell and spent too much effort eliminating debt to fancy risking it again.)

The regular content provision really is important, but that’s a whole different battle. I’m not just talking about blog and website content here, but keeping those social media accounts active and relevant. There’s no point posting links to those accounts if that’s all you do. Quite apart from it seeming slightly rude, it seems to be a degree of diminishing returns if people are glossing past your account. If you’re engaging with people, reposting material and generally being active, then people tend to be more disposed to follow the blog links.

This seems supported by my statistics for referring sites. Those social media sites on which I’m active send far more traffic than those on which I currently have a token presence. If nothing else, that gives me an idea on which areas of activity I need to address next in my quest for world domination. I’m looking at you G+…

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