Oh, Just Shoot Me


Another long day, mostly characterised by confusions, misheard conversations, bureaucracy, and a devout wish to just have the whole week to do over, is drawing to a close. I’m just home from taking Lady M to the local walk-in surgery where we’ve just learned that the pain she’s been in from at least Friday is probably caused by an infection. One large handful of antibiotics later, we’ve sat down and eaten a much delayed meal before collapsing to bed.

We had been supposed to meet up with Lady P and the other usual suspects for drinks as part of the celebrations of her upcoming birthday, but we’ll just have to catch up later in the week. As I said to Lady M in the waiting room: “There are plenty more Tuesdays available. The supplies of you are considerably more restricted.” I can be a soppy sod when I’m not being a grumpy git.

Hopefully, the medication will clear things up over the next three days, but I’m under strict instructions to drag Lady M to the GP or nearest A&E if she gets worse, or if the pain continues. At least the clinic was able to eliminate kidney stones as being the source of the pain, and I didn’t have to take her to another hospital for an emergency admittance.

So we never got to hear the customised birthday song that one of the musicians had composed for Lady P. We’ll have to ask for a rendition next week to see how large her blushes were.

About Tim Maidment

Writer, House Husband, Library Person, Raconteur, Poly, Queer and Bon Vivant. You were expecting something simple?
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