Catching Up

Do you ever get those days where things rearrange themselves, seemingly arbitrarily, but everything works out better than under the original plan for the day? If not, you’ve a treat ahead of you, but yes today was one of those days for me, which was unnerving but fun.

We’d originally planned to finally catch up on the first episode of the new series of Game of Thrones with Lady P, a mass gathering on the sofas of all and sundry, but at the last minute this rescheduled to the afternoon. Pretty much as soon as that happened, W, who was my Best Man at Rowton dropped me a line to say he was in town and did we fancy a catch-up?

So, when Lady M got home from the office, she found she’d missed out on that first viewing and I was hustling her to change so that we could pick up Charleesi on our way round to meet W.

One long day later I’m winding down, ahead of another day at the library, followed by Lady P’s birthday drinks. All getting a bit busy, this catching up lark…

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