Weekend Chaos

Well, I’ve managed to write up last Monday’s game, so I guess I’ve managed to achieve something this weekend! A busy day of work at the library, unexpected hiccups in getting us all to Lady P’s birthday bash and then a slew of people being ill/unexpectedly tied up with family meaning we cancelled today’s game has at least given me some time with the Charleesi while she revises for her upcoming exams. We’ve had some lovely Harris and Hoole coffees, people watched and traded quips with various staff as they’ve popped their heads round to say hi and see how we are.

On the console front, I’ve been enjoying getting to grips with Neverwinter on the XBox One – I’m running around as a half-orc warrior, enjoying laying about me with a huge sword and soaking up the atmosphere. Charleesi has created a warlock, and last I saw was running around zapping zombies, and later this evening I’m provisionally booked in to spend some time with an ex-editor of mine as we test the multiplayer elements and see what carnage we can unlock. If that works properly, I’ll be suggesting a team up Twitch stream with Lady P or something, see how the MMORPG elements work.

So, all in all, a bit of a weird few days where things haven’t quite gone to plan, but where I’ve been able to make the best of the rapidly changing options available. Unsettling but fun enough I guess.

Oh, a special shout out to Warren – whose 40th birthday it is today – someone who has stuck with me on my weird and winding journey for far longer than is probably safe, wise or intelligent; been my Best Man, and a very tolerant landlord. Anyone who manages all that and still calls me up to come over for a Chinese takeout with his family deserves all the applause and good wishes we can give him 😉

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