A Call To Arms

I saw this on Tumblr somewhere. It seemed relevant

It’s not often you get an unexpected plea to come rescue someone, unless you’re Batman I guess, or you live a life of drama. I do my best these days to avoid drama because it’s so exhausting, though I can usually appreciate it when I see it, if only so I can use it in a story.

In this instance I got a call to come help moderate the Artyfakes stream, specifically to help cheer up Tabby. It’s fair to say she wasn’t looking as bubbly on-screen today as she normally is. I hadn’t intended to be online this evening after working until seven but if there’s one challenge I’ll rarely back down from, it’s one of putting a smile on people’s faces. This could mean only one thing: more #MadeUpModFacts.

My particular favourite was the proclamation that this evening’s facts were brought to the stream by the Voice of the Mysterons. Other highlights included some truly fowl jokes about Chinese Takeaway Ducks, the high profile splattering of trolls with the banhammer, and the revelation to the stream that Lady P was our concubine in chief; which was totally ignored by viewers distracted by the thought of Tabby and Lady P’s upcoming road trip date at Cadbury World.

Lady M was seen smirking gently as she read the chat channel while our binge-watching of Castle series 6 continued in the background; and it turned into a great evening of laughter and chatter quite in contrast to the more mundane day of shenanigans at the library that had preceded it.

It cheered up Tabby, cheered up Ladies M and P, and yes, continued to cheer me up. Told you this week would carry on getting better

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