Royal Coincidences


So, as you may have heard in between the horrors in Nepal, the ongoing brutalities in the Middle East, and an over-polished series of lacklustre political campaigns in the UK, a child was born who is already far richer than most of us will ever be. Today that child was named, and she shares the first two names with The Charleesi. I’ll admit to a bit of parental teasing that these royals seem to be taking cues from us recently, down to their using the same wedding colours. They obviously have some taste.

All snarkiness aside, there was a faint glimmer of “awwwww” when I saw the announcement – or rather, when I saw my daughter’s own snarky comment about it on social media. It’s another bright spot to notice as I continue my climb back to some semblance of functionality. Today has definitely been about trying to get back on track. After taking Charleesi home to her mother, I did a proper grocery shop, and forced myself to shave and generally tidy myself back up.

I then spent most of the afternoon banging my head in frustration as I prepared for the evening D&D game. My calm was a little damaged by a large map file corrupting just as I imported it to Roll20 from the Pyromancers website, but I persevered. There may have been some quiet swearing.

Fortunately I was able to create the most important elements again in time for the evening. The distraction of the game was just what I needed, and the group did well to face down an angry dragon whose lair they had stumbled across. It was certainly enough for my counsellor, who checked in on me by text during the game, to be reassured that I’m not too likely at the moment to do anything much more stupid than usual.

So, a short working week ahead, and plenty to be getting on with. It can only get better, and I’ve plenty to keep fighting for.