Games, Hardware and Artyfaking


A bit of an oddball couple of days, but overall it’s been reasonably productive. I finally finished Dragon Age 2, so have allowed myself to start Dragon Age Inquisition at last – or to restart it, to be honest. I’d only previously got as far as closing the first breach, so this hardly counts as abandoning a previous game. As it’s still in the early tutorial-ish bit I’m reserving judgement, but there’s some nice touches already and I like the more strategic combat style.

We forced ourselves to go out last night to our usual haunt at The Plough, and I took the arrival on the handpumps of a beer called Black Dig to be a good sign. It amused me, at least. The persistent dull headache I’ve had today is surely more to do with the rain and plummeting air pressure, surely?

Today I seemed to be ferrying Lady M to and from various places thanks to public transport idiocy, so that broke up much of the day’s plans, but I did manage to get back ups properly working again on the desktop PC, and am clearing defunct laptop SATA hard drives down to form an impromptu RAID array (well, might as well do something with the storage).

I also bit the bullet, after hearing how much fun Lady P had at this weekend’s course, and booked myself in for the June Artyfakes beginners’ course in prop-making. If nothing else, I shall attempt to build my own banhammer.

Mood-wise, I’m moving in the right direction, despite occasional wobbles. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.