Posting Problems

I have come to loath the newish page and post interfaces for this site when I update them on my laptop. I updated the site yesterday with not one, but two weeks’ worth of game session writeups – the usual mix of chaos, mayhem and inappropriate rule mangling as I mixed up old material and new to keep my players on their toes.

Then I posted a quick announcement that I’d done so, but for some reason WordPress published it as a new page rather than a post. Untangling that as I’ve noticed it this evening has been more than a little irritating. The only reason I don’t do all my updates from my tablet or phone is that the app isn’t great at doing the page divisions and structures, so it looks as if for now I’ll be doing new pages through the laptop and all posts through an app, at least until I can devote some time to beating the site into submission.

What’s the worst that could happen?