Waiting for the Hooligans

These weekends, where I work on a Saturday, make my Sundays even more precious. I’m aware of how little time there is before going back to open the library and so there’s a battle between wanting to curl up and rest and getting the most out of the day.


This is particularly difficult at the moment with our weekends with Charleesi having swapped for a while. For the time being I work the weekends that she is here, with Lady M keeping her company, leaving a fragment of Sunday before I take her home. The weekends will swap back later in the year as Charleesi’s mum’s work shifts change again, so for now it’s just one of those things.

On the plus side, we have the Hooligan D&D group on Sundays as well, and Charleesi is a keen participant in the banter and chaos of the games. I’ll admit that this week it did feel a bit of a heavy load while waiting for everyone to arrive, but that was largely down to having made the mistake of reading until the early hours of the morning.

As everyone arrived, a mix of people’s high spirits and the frenetic ball of furry enthusiasm known as Chips made it a bit of a slow start but we did soon get some momentum going and the afternoon scurried past all too quickly.

Perhaps this heaviness and tiredness before game sessions is a form of pre-performance anxiety: stage fright, if you will. It certainly dissipates as we get in to the game properly. At least it’s doing something fun on a weekend, combining social contact, spontaneous problem solving and collaborative storytelling.

Now if only I had more geeks at work to share the stories with… Oh well…