One Sentence Stories

I’ve been writing one sentence stories recently as a combination of block breaking, getting random sentences out of my head, processing of memes, and putting story seeds that I might develop later down on paper.

As it’s a quiet afternoon, here’s a few to shake your head at:

One of the positive aspects of falling out with Anya was suddenly not having to put up with her friends either.

There’s few things quite as disconcerting as walking into a suddenly silent Children’s Library to find a replica of Stonehenge constructed out of the furniture.

The only thing standing between Jake and a new career as a colander was the non-ripe banana in his pocket.

Hell’s Kitchen has a new hero, one who just wants you to cook the f*****g chicken! It’s raw!

One Of My Players Made A Thing

I’m all for encouraging people to write, after all I make things up for a living and like to share the misery. One of the players in my Monday night game has started an in-character diary blog, so I said I’d ramp up her anxiety levels and share it with you all here.

Her Blog is called RPG Storytelling – and I’ll add it to the list of links on the right in a bit – the specific bits about her experience in our campaign start here

Have fun!