Slow Bank Holiday


I definitely needed to stop this weekend. My nights have been so unsettled that my body pretty much mandated a shut down this extended weekend. Unfortunately, being so tired has also meant my mood has been very erratic the last couple of days, with today being particularly bad, hence the limited updates.

We did get a couple of good gaming sessions in, though I did have to force myself to participate at first (not great as the person GMing). We also spent a lot of time on Netflix binge-watching Once Upon A Time and catching up on Sky with Blacklist and Penny Dreadful. I even got some writing done.

I can’t help feeling I’ve been a let-down and burden to people this weekend, even though intellectually I know this isn’t a reality. I hate that these mood plummets are back, but I’m focusing on trying to say ‘fuck it’ to break the inward cycles and not retreat back to the duvet. Keeping active and involved is hard work, but it means I stay functional and don’t surrender. Just bear with me.

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