If Everyone Could Just Stay Healthy For Five Minutes?

Keep Calm and Use the Konami Code

Wow, perhaps it’s the universe trying to kick me out of worrying about myself, but Ladies M and P have both been quite poorly today, and nothing refocuses you more quickly than people you care about being unwell themselves. Hopefully they’ll both be back on their feet quickly, especially with the weekend nearly on us.

There seem to be a number of low key illnesses going around at the moment in general too. They don’t have big dramatic fevers attached, more a general fatigue and stomach upset that makes them a drain rather than a catastrophe for people’s systems. Pretty much every conversation I’m having with people at the moment is zeroing in on their health. I’m assuming this means a widespread bug rather than large swathes of the population becoming hypochondriacs.

In general, all a bit yuck. At least tomorrow sees another Wessex Pistols gig at The Plough, and we have the Charleesi staying for the weekend, which is always great. All things to look forward to, just keep as well as you can out there, okay?

Drink Spills and Rollercoasters


Another couple of varied days, with steady work and determined socialisation, and I’m starting to climb out of the pit a little. Working is good for imposing structure on the day, and we had agreed to meet up at The Plough as usual on Tuesday night, so that mandated going out and being people persons. The main reason we were there was to pick up Charleesi for a 24 hour-ish stopover, but we stayed for the song and chatter. Lady M may have accidentally knocked a whole pint of iced diet coke into the ex-Lady M’s lap at one point, but after we got the wet and sticky jokes out the way all was well, much to the landlord’s relief.

This morning saw me off to counselling while Charleesi carried on revising for GCSEs, but then we hit Thorpe Park to get some use out of our renewed Merlin Passes. There was much people watching and quiet amusement about people’s inability to read signs, look at their surroundings, or engage common sense. I basically employed the approach of “I’m going to have fun, damnit, and it might actually happen”

So yeah, keeping on keeping on, and a nice, if brief, appearance this evening by Lady P to round things off. I’ll try and get more game updates done over the next couple of days.