Gaming Double Up

We really should emboss these and hand them out at games time

Sunday and Monday are, for lack of a better description, my gaming days. Oh sure, there are family and work and meals and pretending to be a normal member of functional society in there; but looming large (or lurking in wait, depending on point of view) in each is that gathering of fellow misfits for a couple of hours in quick succession.

Some weeks this is a cause for joy, other weeks its a pain in the proverbial – at least until we get started. My variable irritation with life, and current mood swings of doom notwithstanding, I wouldn’t do the gaming sessions if they weren’t fun. They can also be some of the best therapy available. Most often that comes from the laughter as we weave ever-more complex and convoluted plots and ploys that somehow come undone on the roll of the dice, or rejoice in suddenly beneficial twists of fate that snatch victory from the teeth-biting uncertainties of closely-fought encounters.

These last couple of days have definitely benefitted from the games, and both the humour and occasionally cathartic mayhem that have featured in each. At some point I’ll even get the write-ups back up to date as well as carry on with the map updates…

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