Last Week But One Game Write-Up

I’m finally getting my brain back in gear, so last week’s Monday game is now up and in place as Week Seven of Wartorn Chapter Four

Assuming my brain continues to cooperate, I’ll get this week’s writeup done tomorrow, and hopefully include some more updates to other stuff along the way. Woo hoo.

We seem to have some summer…

I still seem to be having a bit of an up and down, and occasionally sideways, set of mood swings, so it’s been extremely nice to have some good weather crop up on a day when I don’t have to be in the library working with the public, or a set of deadlines to beat my brains around.

Today’s sole target was to do some last minute shopping for the Charleesi’s upcoming sixteenth birthday, so I forced myself down to Kingston and pretended to be a normal, functioning member of civilised society for an hour or two. Part of that exercise saw me spending time down by the river, watching the ducks and swans and absorbing the sunlight, and others getting a good walkabout in and around the town.

heavily filtered picture of young deer in the woods, drinking from a stream
‘auto-awesome by Google’

By far the nicest part of the day came though when, on a whim, I turned in to Bushy Park on the way home. Once I’d found a parking spot, I went for a walk around the ponds, found a quiet bench and just sat, taking the occasional photo to share on social media.

It’s that time of the year when the young deer are growing their first set of antlers and starting to range around in groups. Knowing that tourists are likely to give in and feed them, despite the ample signage around the park, they of course flock to the car parks and public paths like furry charity muggers, utterly fearless in coming over and saying hello.

Whatever strange dissassociative mood had hit me couldn’t long survive in the face of cute animals, bright sunlight, happy families and a distinct lack of traffic and aircraft noise, and after an hour of just sitting with my eyes sometimes open and sometimes closed, soaking up the sun, I was feeling normal enough to not even dread the thought of stopping in to Tesco on the way home for groceries.

If fighting depression has taught me anything, its to never ignore anything that can distract or serve to lift moods. It might seem silly or pointless, but there was something about that quiet space with no distractions or noise that my weirdly wired brain needed today. I’ll be quietly noting it down as a good spot to remember and go visit again as I need.