More maps, general tinkering


I had planned to do this week’s game write up today, but preparations for the Charleesi’s birthday got in the way a little more. A simple request for contributions to something I can’t yet describe because Charleesi reads this blog turned into a five hour marathon activity that almost certainly won’t seem epic when revealed, but has had an impact I’ll talk about after the event.

In the meantime, two new maps have been uploaded to the Notable Locations tab under the Wartorn campaign, and may or may not be of use or inspiration to people looking for Roll20 map resources.

Have fun…

Updated the About Page


So, that’s only stayed static for three years or so, lightly edited from five years ago. I’ve finally extracted a digit and updated the About page to include more recent information, links to other places I post, and wonder of wonders: an email address for enquiries.

I’ll be up to date on everything at this rate; I’m pretty sure that’s one of the signs of the End Times…