Well, That Was A Monday


Mondays at the library have been a relatively straightforward experience over the last year or so, mainly because we’ve been running on a skeleton staffing level. Today we had not one, but two people in to bolster numbers as a result of a recent restructure and it somehow ended up feeling both more and less productive than usual.

With so many more people on duty it fell to me to draw up a timetable for everyone, if only to schedule breaks and make sure the thousand and one jobs we had to do were parcelled out. It’s a month where a lot of stock keeping and data cleansing reports need running and acting on, so we definitely needed the extra hands on deck to pull books from the shelves that are tatty or not being issued. Decisions then had to be made on what to keep, what to send for recirculation elsewhere, and what to send for selling or disposal.

I ended up coordinating everything – not due to anyone being ineffective, but simply because two people hadn’t worked much on our site before and so were keen not to “do things the wrong way” or step on anyone’s toes. The sheer volume of things we got done was impressive, but because I didn’t get to do any of the individual bits of display creation I’d intended while enabling everyone else I’ve ended up feeling exhausted and a bit deflated.

Still, as I joked, nothing got broken and no one ended up on fire, so it can’t have been that bad.

The Sunday group didn’t happen yesterday due to real world issues and events for various people, so I’m pleased that this evening’s game was a big success. The write-ups will come (I know I’m a week behind again), but when the players are even more freaked out than their characters I know I’m doing something right. It’s all getting very, very Lovecraftian, and they’re really not used to this in their D&D games…