And another week screeches past

Keep Calm and Use the Konami Code

Another day of library work, more writing done, family and friends whizzing past at an ever increasing rate of knots… No wonder I feel a little battered and bemused. We had intended to go catch the Wessex Pistols at the Red Lion in Isleworth last night, but we were so tired that we looked at each other as Lady M got home, groaned, and decided to go for a walk, buy some fish and chips, and walk back home again for a night of Netflix.

At least my mood has stayed relatively buoyant, though that’s more through having to steer a very short-staffing library through the week, and to deal with a variety of people on both sides of the counter. Fortunately, as my counsellor notes, I thrive when thrown into chaotic situations, relishing the challenge of bending them to my will, and it’s that taking charge that has energised me even as the black dog has tried to take chunks out of me.

I had a nice catch up with Lady G mid-week, and chatted about not much in particular over lunch, and managed to finally sort out belated birthday presents for my neice. In the meantime Lady P’s back is still causing pain, as her week seems to have gone rapidly downhill at a rate of knots. Hopefully we’ll be able to catch up soon in person as things settle down for her.

Lady M was kept busy today with Charleesi, her cousin and some of C’s friends. She took them to the Harry Potter Experience as part of the various 16th birthday celebrations that are now forming a sort of rolling party at the moment. They’ve got home and collapsed while the ex-Lady M and I ferried various people home.

Tomorrow we seem to have enough people for the Sunday Hooligans group, so I’m hoping that’ll be a nice way to draw the week to a close. We’ll see how it goes.