New Notable Locations

I’m still slowly adding maps from the Eberron campaign in the Notable Locations section of Wartorn – another couple have gone up this evening under the Dorasharn Forge Cavern – a scene from the beginning of the adventures

Too Busy to Watch GoT

I don’t really seem to be stopping much at the moment, so the paucity of posts this week is down to work rather than any illness (for a change). At least, no illness on my part – Lady M seems to be pretty exhausted most of the time, and has been fighting off migraines and wanting to just fall into bed when she gets home most of the week. Lady P has been signed off work for another week too, so it’s been a matter of rejoicing that the Charleesi has at least finished her GCSE exams and is now looking to get either a volunteer post or summer job to fill her suddenly free time.

wpid-wp-1427066913510.jpegI’ve not yet watched the finale of this season of Game of Thrones – apparently some people died and a few viewers are a bit upset. Fortunately, by not clicking on anything that says spoiler, and more importantly because I read the books first I can still look forward to seeing the episode with no more than the usual degree of anguish and fascinated horror at how the adaptation has gone about things.

I’m not a purist when it comes to adaptation of fiction to the small or big screen. I’m all too aware that different mediums have their strengths and weaknesses in the presentation of plot, exposition and keeping people’s attention, so I treat GoT (books) as different to GoT (screen) – sharing many similarities but approaching things differently according to their constraints and advantages. As a result, when things like the Red or Purple Wedding take place on the screen, or the final moments of the fight between Oberyn and the Mountain take place, my shock and discomfort will often be around the intensity of the screenplay and how it is represented. Even knowing they happen as events just adds a frisson of anticipation: how will they pull this off?

So when I hear people in shock that [spoiler] got [spoilered] by [spoiler] and how could this happen and its not fair and everything else that gets thrown out, I can smile benignly, remember how my jaw dropped and enjoy the schadenfreude of everyone else who didn’t either see it coming after some pretty heavy foreshadowing or remember the prime dictum of Game of Thrones: If you become fond of someone, then something very unpleasant – usually death – is just around the corner.

I can’t wait to watch it with someone. I guess I am a horrible person, after all…