A Day In The Park

I’ve had the unexpected pleasure of a visit from the Charleesi today, so after finishing a bit of work, we headed off to Thorpe Park to have another rampage. With it still only being June, most of the local schools are still in, so it wasn’t as busy as we’ve known it. There were a large number of school and tourist coaches on site, but the main car park was barely half full when we got there. Apparently this pattern has been fairly steady all week, so if you get the chance to go mid-week at the moment, take it – especially with the good weather we’re currently having.

When I say rampage through the park – I mean we went through pretty much every main ride that was open: Nemesis a couple of times, Swarm a couple of times, Colossus, Tidal Wave, the logflume, and even convinced the Charleesi to come on Stealth for the first time. The Merlin passes mean we’re not overly worried about times spent at the park as they’re effectively free; but days like this where most rides were less than fifteen minute queues are still a greatly appreciated luxury.

So – after a morning where I woke feeling like death, this evening I’m quite invigorated – how pleasant…