A little of this…

We didn’t have a game on Sunday, but I’ve just finished the Monday evening game and I’m looking forward to writing it up properly later this week. Between that and a sharp rise in mood the last day or so, it’s a good start to the week.

It’s just as well really as it appears to be a busy week at the library, with loads of overtime to cover for people who are sick or taking annual leave. I have a ten hour shift tomorrow, so intend to be pacing myself so that I’m able to remain professional in the face of some of the customers.


Today’s highlights included a regular who usually appears to have a strong aroma of alcohol around him, nearly collapsing headfirst into a number of different shelving units on his way out the building. Another customer had come to us from another library and got extremely irate at the prospect of the book she had come looking for not actually being on the shelves/being misshelved by another customer.

My personal nasty theory is that the customer had hidden the book herself to make her seem superior when she could find it and we could not. But maybe that’s just me having a twisted mind.

Fortunately, people being aggressive is something that generally slides off and past me, so I just shrugged. I can usually do a far better job of upsetting myself through projection, anticipation, and pessimism, and will hamstring myself without a second thought. I’m far more dangerous to my own sense of well-being and health than most people can manage.

The knowledge of this tendency was behind Lady M’s relief at my climbing back out of the pit on Sunday: the words “Oh thank God you’re back” may have been uttered. Whether that was quite what she meant once I chased her round the house is open to debate, but there was a smile on her face.

In the meantime, a related conversation with Lady P has put the kibosh on attempts to retreat and be quiet so as not to worry me. As I retreat when I am low, and therefore recognise this behaviour, it just made me more concerned. As a result, we’ve agreed to kick all that to one side – much in the same way that Lady M and I are brutally honest at each other – and remember that it is often easier to deal with other people’s problems simply because they are Other People’s Problems.

All this positivity, and it’s nearly payday. Allons-y!