A little of that…


In the wake of E3, the Beta invites and codes for all sorts of things have been pouring in. The most recent has been for the multiplayer part of Gears of War, which is being remastered for the XBox One.

My impressions so far is that it’s very pretty in a brutally industrial way, but it has reminded me just how bad I am at Gears of War. There’s something about the controls that feel counter-intuitive for me. There’s a bulky rolling clumsiness that throws me off balance and I seem to spend an awful amount of time exploding in bloody chunks, or on the wrong end of a chainsaw. I’m sure its great fun for my opponents and deeply irritating for my team mates.

Visually it is crisp, and runs smoothly. Matchmaking is quick and didn’t leave us hanging (take notes Halo, I’m still watching you after that MCC débâcle), so who knows, from this limited set of maps and game styles it appears to be a good update.

Will I buy it when it comes out? Maybe, but then I never even finished the story for the first one in co-op play. It may just be that it isn’t my cup of tea.