Accelerating Week

It looks like Summer is having another go at breaking through the traditional British cloud cover – I’ve just had a lovely hour or so drinking coffee and window shopping with the lovely Lady P (who is looking much healthier than the last time I saw her), and now am in a gently breezy conservatory with the Charleesi. At some point this evening I’ll even have a chance to catch up with Lady M, who seems to have taken up a career of administering swift justice to errant major telecommunications companies.

Work continues to be… challenging… with people absent through sickness or annual leave, and I can’t wait to actually go on holiday in August and have some time off. For now, the library and the writing have got a firm grip on my spare time. As a result, my life threatens to be something approaching what most people would call ‘normal’. I must do something about this.

Games-wise, I’m mostly flitting between Witcher3, Forza Horizons2, Massive Chalice and Sunless Sea. Each of them is proving a good distraction in each of their varying ways. Witcher3 is just beautiful, with strong writing and intelligent narrative. Forza Horizons2 is a good game for picking up for a half hour here and there – whether to blow off steam driving a virtual supercar, or rallying against other drivers. Massive Chalice’s turn-based strategy is similarly good when time is limited, or if I’m doing something that might interrupt at any moment, like cooking. Sunless Sea remains a gothic enigma, and is sitting on my PC desktop like a Curious Raven Advisor.

I’ve plenty to read at the moment – though precious little time beyond lunch breaks or the tail end of the evening as I wind down. I’ve been given an Advance Reader Copy of “If Pigs Could Fly” by Jonny Nexus, so I’m being drawn into the world of the West Kensington Paranormal Detective Agency at the moment. I’ll do a proper review when I’m done, in plenty of time for it’s publication in October, but so far: yes, I’m rather enjoying it.

Now, if we could just get Charleesi to agree what times and days she wants to be where for the weekend and beyond, we’ll be all good. Ah, the joys of a footloose daughter who has just finished her GCSEs…

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