Work Experience Minion


Another week, another new challenge. This time it’s a work experience minion joining us for the first time at the library. As with most people who apply for these things he came to us thinking that library work is quiet and studious. Yes, I laughed a little too. By the time I’d finished the health and safety induction (can’t be too careful with those Shoggoths in the basement) and told him the fire evacuation drill (“you’re in a building full of flammable materials. Basically, run.”), he was looking a little haunted.

To be fair, he’s been a good worker and is picking things up pretty easily. There are limits to what I can ask him to do (apparently challenging customers who won’t pay fines to a duel is a no-no), but he’s been quick and effective at finding lost books and filling shelf check requests, and has cut out about 200 paper figures. If we don’t use them all for the Summer Read, there should be enough to animate a South Park style extravaganza.

The only downside to having this minion around is that I do need to direct his work from start of the day to the end, and it’s exhausting. If this evening’s D&D session was less than sparkling. I’m blaming it on the minion.

Weird Weekend

Oh, talk about an odd few days, and that’s just with the news of all the horrors and joys around the globe. I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed with the images of violence these last few days, and as I was working most of Saturday, and then had Charleesi come to stay, having an extra body around the flat has been a good change of pace. It has reminded me to focus on those around me rather than getting caught in the wash of breathless and sometimes ghoulish reporting.

Keep Calm and Use the Konami Code

The other thing that bemused me was the lack of reaction to my Love Wins post, and more specifically to how it turned into an unplanned coming out. I didn’t mention it specifically to look for a reaction, but with the wide range of people I’m blessed with knowing, I was surprised that there was no comment of any sort, except from Lady M – to whom none of it is a revelation – and privately from a good friend wanting to clarify something else in the article. I’m obviously more transparent than I realise, and most people just nodded and said something along the lines of “yes, yes, we know, get on with it.”

On the other hand, perhaps it’s down to people just skim reading and the words getting sidelined with the comments I was making. Alternatively everyone was just distracted by events in the news, and the Pride celebrations. I’ve no idea, so I guess I’m just projecting now.

I did find myself feeling like another shoe was going to drop any moment, and the mix of emotions made it more difficult to focus than it otherwise might have. Still, an evening of Once Upon A Time on Netflix, and quiet banter raised my spirits.

A quiet Saturday night then led to a good Sunday. The highlight, as ever, was the D&D session, which was hilarious and bawdy in equal amounts; this was certainly a day where I’m glad my daughter isn’t the shrinking violet some seem to see her as. We’ve finished off with a barbecue, a walk, and a good session of Charleesi and I playing Halo CE in co-op mode, which seems a good way to prepare for a fresh week.

I’ve no idea what the week will bring, apart from a work experience person that I will be setting to help me make display elements for the Summer Read. Let’s see how we go.