Work Experience Minion


Another week, another new challenge. This time it’s a work experience minion joining us for the first time at the library. As with most people who apply for these things he came to us thinking that library work is quiet and studious. Yes, I laughed a little too. By the time I’d finished the health and safety induction (can’t be too careful with those Shoggoths in the basement) and told him the fire evacuation drill (“you’re in a building full of flammable materials. Basically, run.”), he was looking a little haunted.

To be fair, he’s been a good worker and is picking things up pretty easily. There are limits to what I can ask him to do (apparently challenging customers who won’t pay fines to a duel is a no-no), but he’s been quick and effective at finding lost books and filling shelf check requests, and has cut out about 200 paper figures. If we don’t use them all for the Summer Read, there should be enough to animate a South Park style extravaganza.

The only downside to having this minion around is that I do need to direct his work from start of the day to the end, and it’s exhausting. If this evening’s D&D session was less than sparkling. I’m blaming it on the minion.

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