Finally Up To Date

The last two sessions of the campaign are now up to date – and are largely atmospheric accounts of the adventurers experiences as they venture into a ghoul warren. It’s all up under the Wartorn Chapter Four section, above.

I’ve just learned I’ll be joined by the Charleesi for at least a portion of the day tomorrow, following her tentative first steps into work experience and volunteering in the local area. Should be interesting to get her views on it all…

In other news, prompted by a very surreal and slightly NSFW conversation with Lady P, I’m working on a new short story that I think I’ll just share here, because it’s not particularly commercial and is serving as quite a nice block breaking exercise. It should only be a couple of thousand words, so expect it in the next day or three.

At this rate, I should actually have some spare time to do some modding for Artyfakes! Timetables and personal events have rather eaten into my available time to do more than turn up, say hello and disappear again, so I really need to get back into the swing of things there too.

Wahey, it’s Summer!

I love working in a library with air conditioning. I love even more being the person who knows how to control it. Power mad, me? Perish the thought – though I have thought on more than one occasion that perhaps occasionally lowering the temperature in the public computer area to sub Arctic temperatures might serve as a good way of encouraging some of the local characters to stop kipping down there on a regular basis.

I especially love working in a building with working air conditioning when we get lovely periods of summer heat  – like this week, where the outside temperatures have been approaching those we encountered in Florida last year. In that respect it’s been a wonderful early present – to walk to and from work, and lounge around out of work, in tropical heat, but being cool and comfortable when it comes to needing to shift stock around or interact with the public.

I really can’t complain…