Diabetic Review

Today was results day for the blood test I had a couple of weeks ago, and by and large the nurse is okay with what it threw up. My cholesterol is steady at 3.7, and my blood has apparently been stable at 4.7 for the best part of two years now.

The only wrinkle is that my blood pressure is up again, but I’ve been feeling a bit stressed the last few days so I’m not too surprised. I have to go back in about three weeks for another test, so fingers crossed I’m more chilled next time.

All in all then, pretty good, and no alteration to my medication regime, which keeps life simple. Guess that crosses one problem off the list for six months!

One thought on “Diabetic Review

  1. swtswtsue 03/07/2015 / 12:29 am

    Awesome news! Positive outlook, too. Well done! Thanks for sharing!

    My blood pressure always sky rockets when I see ANY kind of medical professional in a white coat (White Coat/Cloak Syndrome, or whatever it’s called, haha… No surprise there). When you go back, maybe have them check it a second time, after you’ve settled in a bit? My blood pressure definitely concerns me, too, but it never fails – it’s always lower the second time around, thankfully. It’s amazing how anxiety can affect our bodies, eh? Definitely keep us posted. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for ya, buddy! 🙂


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