I like to mark these occasional days where there hasn’t been drama or angst, irritations or more than the usual insanities of life. Given the twists and turns of the last few years, I’ve come to appreciate the quiet days, and between Lady M working from home, my having some spare time, and the sun being out, it’s felt a really good day.

There was time to change bed linen and grocery shop, to insist Lady M took a lunch break with me at the local Harris+Hoole, and for a gentle round of messaging through the day between us and Lady P as she went about her day and organised her next cosplay.

Even the horrendous traffic between here and the Charleesi as I went to pick her up for the weekend did little more than raise the occasional eyebrow and elicit a surprised tutting noise.

I expect tomorrow, as the first day of the Summer Reading Challenge, will be a lot more intense.

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