Weekend of Whut?

Well that was an intense weekend! Saturday was the first day of the 2015 Summer Reading Challenge at the library and I’m glad to report it was busy all day. I even had children queuing up for the doors tonopen so that they could register before heading on to Brownies, sports activities and a variety of Saturday clubs.


It didn’t let up all day, so the offer of joining Danger for a barbecue after work was enticing on a number of levels – including not having to cook. Lady M and Charleesi met me from work and we stocked up on beers before walking over. We got there eventually (I may have misread the text and walked us to the wrong place first), and a very, very long evening began. It included Moshi Monster throwing, a sprinkler for younger kids, drunken yoga by Lady M, and the realisation that 2.30 am was probably a good time to stop telling stories and walk home.

The Sunday game was marred by hangovers and exhaustion, so we introduced Lady P to the game of Munchkin (which Charleesi eventually won), and then went to a charity concert. The concert was in support of Born Too Soon and featured Sir S, one of our Sunday Hooligans, as he performed three solo operatic pieces (2 in German, 1 in Italian) that just blew us away.

A broken night’s sleep brought me to Monday, with a staffing snafu that had me single-manning the library for the first hour and my increasing reliance on coffee to see me through the day. Only the thought of my Monday gamers pulled me out the other side, and they didn’t disappoint. We ended the session with a confusing number of unicorns within the foul ghoul warrens. I’ll enjoy writing these last two weeks up…

And now, to sleep… Honest…